Our Logo

A bakery once stood on our property; its foundation still stands behind our barn. At some point in time, the main building caught fire and burned to the ground. We believe there may have been an explosion of some kind, too, because we keep unearthing debris littered across our yard. I digress.

In those days, people in the north country often insulated their houses and out-buildings with whatever materials were on hand. Sometimes, for a prank, a worker would leave something in the wall (we once found an empty packet of tobacco). It was not uncommon to leave things that would mark the date, too---such as a coin or newspaper clippings.

Well, when we were renovating, we found this in one of the walls:

Pretty nifty, eh?

The Story of Our Blog Background
The chickies that started it all.

Featured prominently in the background of our blog page are some chickens and a goat. We chose these animals because they are what started this whole project. Our old village had a stipulation in its zoning laws that would not allow farm animals of any kind within its limits, so we packed up and moved to Great Bend, NY, in the late summer of 2008. Our first chickens and goats followed soon after, and this little farmstead has been growing ever since.