Monday, August 8, 2011

We Love (the tastes of) Summer

It's such a plentiful time of year. The gardens are fresh and swollen, just ripe for the picking. Crops in the fields are grown plump and eagerly await the coming harvest. Flowers spring from every planter; wild blossoms choke even the smallest fallow bits of ground. Animals sate themselves on the rich growth; they grow big and strong. Plump, too. The table is never without fresh dressings. The smell of herbs and newly-picked vegetables waft from the kitchen throughout the house. Farmer's markets offer everything you could ever dream.

Local farm-fresh chicken, fresh local bacon, local organic zucchini and red onions, and our own home-grown broccoli from our garden. Also, homemade macaroni-n-cheese with some local Amish sweet mustard thrown in---the best there ever was!

There are few things in the world more delicious...

- Jacinta, for the Meyers family

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