Saturday, June 4, 2011

Duck Days of Summer

Our Swedish Blues; their pen got a cleaning and we took out their "pond" in favor of a brand new swimming pool, just in time for the hot weather.

These ducks are by far the pickiest of our fowl. They don't take too kindly to change and it didn't help that they don't like anything out of the ordinary venturing into their little area, especially humans. The pond's disappearance angered them---that is, until they discovered all the delicious little bugs that were hiding under it. Then we brought in the pool and filled it; they spent the first several minutes squawking at it and avoiding it at all costs.

Curiosity saved the day. In plopped the first duck and the rest was history! They spent the next two hours splashing happily around and around in circles---something that apparently still hasn't gotten old.

How nice to be a duck on those hot summer days!

 Stay cool.

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