Monday, June 13, 2011

Bleh Bars

You've been there before---not too hungry when you wake up, but knowing that you've got a long, hard day ahead of you and that you really should eat something to keep up your stamina through work. You look around for a quick but healthy fix. There are some options on the shelf---granola, trail mix, dried fruit. And protein bars.

Now, I hadn't had a protein bar in over five years. Back then, "protein bar" was the name given to a specific variety of foods that had the consistency of dry caulking paste and was about as flavorful as compacted poo. Since then, a whole new world of organic foods have hit the market and this country in general has become a lot more health-conscious in terms of what it's putting in its mouth. I thought perhaps the protein bars had evolved as well---into something not only tasty but healthier, too.

Turns out that this was wishful thinking at its most wishful. I chawed my way through about as fast as I could (and, yes, "chawed" really is the best word for this experience); which turned out to be not very fast at all because again, it was like trying to eat caulking paste. The flavor was supposed to be "chocolate and peanut butter." Last time I checked, neither chocolate nor peanut butter taste like childrens' vitamins (you know, the ones that are shaped like little characters from a favorite 1960's cartoon), which is exactly what this bar tasted like.

I wasn't batting too well and only looked at the package after I ate the so-called "food". At 310 grams of sodium (that's 13% of a typical daily value!), I feel like I'd be better off just throwing my head back and downing a shaker's worth of salt.

Next time, I think I'll just take the granola!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a protein bar that is actually good?
If so, we'd love to hear it!

- Jacinta Meyers for the Meyers Family

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